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sdfMaximum Security, Reliability & Architectural Appeal

The best vault doors and modular bank vault designs must meet two requirements made by financial institutions, securities dealers, and gem and precious metal traders alike. They must be tough and it must be architecturally impressive. At KL Security our vault doors and custom design for construction meet both requirements and more. From Class 5 security for armory or modular vaults to fireproof doors for commercial or residential gun vault or safe room construction we have a door to meet your unique needs - and if we don't, we'll custom build it for you.

Available in Class IV, Class III, Class II, Class I, Class M and UL 350 fire rated, your security needs are covered. Optional day gates, emergency phones and integrated light switches reduces installation time and costs.

Our Valued Customers:

  • Cash Offices
  • Secure Areas
  • Store Rooms
  • Retails Environments
  • Police Stations
  • Schools & Higher Education
  • ATM Room Doors
  • Sub Stations
  • Financial Institutions, Credit Unions, Banks




 Modular Vaults - UL Rated

Our Hamilton modular vault panels will save you time and construction costs on bank vaults or custom gun vaults for business or home. We offer complete plans and architectural specifications, drawings and contractor documentation. These modular panels allow easy construction of UL rated vaults where weight requirements, or time constraints are prohibitive. Vault panel construction is lighter and much faster than conventional reinforced concrete construction and panels come in four rating classes.Let us help you with architectural specifications. Made in the USA. Learn More...




sdfgFireproof Doors - UL Rated

Schwab Corp by Sentry Safe vault doors carry up to a 6 hour UL 350 fire rating and are a perfect compliment to a modular vault that requires a fire rating on the door. Many contractors and custom home builders across the USA choose the Schwab fireproof vault doors for gun vaults and security rooms. Made in the USA.




sdfSelf Serve Safe Deposit Access System

...labor saving, high security access control

Engineered and designed to maintain high security unescorted user entry to you safe deposit box vault, the Hamilton Self-Serve provides uncompromising accountability in an easy to use vault entry. Our self serve vault will save you money over card based systems, increases convenience for users, integrates into existing systems and is field proven reliable.  Learn More.




sdfEntrance Control

Entrance and exit control monitoring systems allow you to control what is entering and exiting your establishment. Replete with metal detector, bullet resisitive technology and warning alerts, you can greatly improve your customers safety. Learn more...








sdfSecurity Doors from Gunnebo

Internal and External Doors - Staffline, Sentinel, Citadel and Stalwart Models

Our Gunnebo security doors resist both physical and ballistic attack. These doors integrate high specification construction, high security locking and stringent  modern testing with a sizable range of quality features such as interlocking doors. Bespoke and turnkey solutions are available to meet your unique security and safety requirements 






Pictures of Vault Construction