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TL-30 fireproof burglary safe for Medical Cannabis & Marijuana DEA Approved

Get pricing on a TL-30 safes from Hamilton Safe

UL Listed High Secuirty TL-30 Rated Safes are DEA approved storage for

controlled substances and schedule narcotics, our line of high security

Underwriters Lab (UL) listed burglary-resistant safes meet the highest

and best standards. Ideal for jewelers, precious metals and more. 

• Two-hour fire rating
• UL Listed for 30-minute attack with tool and torch
• Latest in composite technology
• Mechanical relockers
• 5" door
• 3 1/2" composite body

We build custom sizes and interiors

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TL-30 rated safes

TL-30 Rated

Store and secure narcotics, drugs, methadone and other controlled substances? http://www.safeandvault.com/images/list_checkbox.png    
Regents Examination Storage?  Insurance Compliance?  http://www.safeandvault.com/images/list_checkbox.png    
Protect jewelry, family heirlooms or collectibles from theft or burglary? http://www.safeandvault.com/images/list_checkbox.png    
Digital Locks or GR1 Lock for Controlled Substance Security  http://www.safeandvault.com/images/list_checkbox.png    
Optional Drawers or Shelves http://www.safeandvault.com/images/list_checkbox.png    
Security System Alarms, Vibration Detection and Sensors http://www.safeandvault.com/images/list_checkbox.png    
Customized interiors for any storage requirement http://www.safeandvault.com/images/list_checkbox.png    

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