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ShadowCASH™ GPS Software for Tracking Cash and Currency, Bank Notes, Loss Prevention
ShadowCASH™  GPS Asset Tracking
Tactical Awareness Beacon Systems

Tracks stolen cash in real ime and dramatically increases the bank’s ability to resolve robberies and recover assets.The system consists of Shadow Cash™ the small flexible GPS tracking devices designed to hide inside stacks of bank currency and TrackSting, the software application that tracks the device.

GPSShadowCASH is a direct solution to a Banking industry need.

• Eliminate danger, liability & mess of Dye Packs
(A dye pack is a radio-controlled incendiary device)
• Equipment ownership
• Web based application access control
• Portability
• Low, controlled costs
• Simple to understand and use
• Value
Security, Fraud, Human Resources, Management,
and Shareholders all can benefit.