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BIO-LOCKed Secure Storage System provides highly secure biometric authentication to a host of current and legacy locking systems. BIO-LOCKed SSS ensures that only authorized personnel are granted access when they are permitted to do so, fulfilling the growing needs in industries such as pharmacies, healthcare, transportation, logistics and banking..


Features of BioLocked biometric thumbprint locks:Biometric and audit trail security locks for safes, lockers, deposit boxes and more

    • Remote administration and reporting

    • Audit trail functions standard

    • Field retrofitable and an efficient TCO

    • Windows OS

    • Medeco NexGen XT lock cores

    • Supports user-defined schedules and administrative rights

    • Customizable touchscreen interface

    • Improves efficiency by allowing unescorted container access 

Innovative Design Benefits

Upgrades most existing locking solutions on any Hamilton Safe, TL-15, safe deposit box or cash handling machine, including display cabinets, safe deposit boxes, lockers and day gates, to biometrics