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SCIF Container Solutions, Panelized Modular Systems for Scalable Modular & Portable Mobile Requirements

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Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SCIF Secure Repository

Modular and Portable construction for high security electronic information that is  processed, discussed, and/or stored. Government work and government-related contract work require a SCIF. 

All SCIFs require specialized construction and security measures (including electronic and TEMPEST security). Every SCIF is designed and constructed according to the purpose of the facility and location. Thus, no two SCIFs are the same in construction and security measures. SCIF planning and design begins with a sponsorship by an Accrediting Official (AO) to ensure security oversight and quality control throughout development.

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Design & Build Supplier, Distributor & Manfacturer

ICD 705, ICS 705-1, and ICS 705-2 Compliant Requirements

Individual physical and technical SCIF requirements are assessed by an AO and a construction Site Security Manager (SSM). Both the AO and SSM will take the customer's needs, purpose of the facility, location, and environmental factors into consideration when designing and in the management of the construction of a SCIF. 

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Consult, Plans and Planning of Features of Buildings, Containers and Security

Specialists in Access Control for Accredited SCIFs

For the Operation checklist of Management of a SCIF, refer to this guide for security and data protection.

Note: The features listed below will vary depending on the risk assessments done by your AO and SSM.


      Radio Frequency (RF) protection by a Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA)

      Depending on design, walls may include TEMPEST countermeasures

      Acoustic and physical protection from outside security threats

      Access Control Systems (ACS)

      Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

      Compartmented areas (CA) that provide separation between control systems, compartments, and workstations. Some features of a CA include:

      Closed Storage--for storage when information is not in use

      Open Storage--access controlled storage

      SWA (Secure Working Areas)--used in discussing, handling, and/or processing secure information

      TSWA (Temporary Secure Working Areas)--for temporary use of discussing, handling, and/or processing secure information

      Interior vaults and security doors for access control

      Emergency exits and notification systems

Note: SCIFs outside the United States including Temporary, Airborne, and Shipboard SCIFs , vessel and maritime have more detailed requirements in addition to the features listed above. Those requirements can be found in Technical Specifications for Construction and Management of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities.

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