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Entrance Control Protection for
Employee and Customer Safety

Entrance Control
From indoor and outdoor turnstiles, security vestibules, interlocking doors and high performance doors, windows and partitions, we can advise and consult with you for a wide range of applications.

From Tripod Turnstiles, Entrance Gates, Full-Height Turnstiles to advanced Optical Gates, Speed Gates, Security Revolving Doors; Interlocks ranging from classic access control up to certified equipment with burglary, blast and bullet resistance; and Performance Doors, Windows and Partitions offering high-performance physical protection to resist burglar, ballistic and explosive attack.
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Our entrance control and vestibule product range is designed to create a secure environment, whether it involves entering a company lobby, a shop, an entertainment area, an industrial zone and a metro station without restricting the freedom of movement or operating within sites with higher security level requirements.
GlasStile R
GlasStile S
Automatic Doors
Electric Door Locks
Integrated Detection Systems
Semi Portals
OptiStile 220
OptiStile 300
OptiStile 400
OptiStile 700
Anti-Return Gates
Boarding Gates
Immigration Gates
Mass Transit Entrance Gates
Security Airlocks
SpeedStile EF
SpeedStile EP
SpeedStile FL
SlimStile BA
SlimStile EV
SlimStile EV ATT
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