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Promotes Employee and Customer Peace of Mind

In addition to protecting your facility, Hamilton Entrance Control provides the equally important benefit of enhancing the safety of bank personnel and customers. They will appreciate knowing that this sophisticated system is increasing their protection while they are in your facility.


Access Control Entry Door System

Prevent takeover robberies and large weapons use

By using the door safety system that establishes a unique line of defense outside your business or bank you'll easily improve safety and access control of your facility. Hamilton Entrance Control's unique and sophisticated entrance and exit monitoring systems makes a takeover robbery almost impossible and can prevent criminals from bringing firearms such as handguns, shot-guns and assault rifles into your building.


Hamilton Entrance Safety System protects with:

• Multi-level monitoring system -a metal detector and motion sensors are used to limit access through the entrance and exit to your building. This system makes it extremely difficult for more then one person to enter at the same time.

• Bullet-resistive glazing - protects personnel inside your building

• Warning alert - bank security personnel are discreetly alerted whenever a metal mass reaches the detector. In the event of an alert, the inside entrance door remains locked until security personnel release it.

Entrance Control Console

A newly designed console that can handle four to six entrance doors and allows complete control of all entrance and exit functions from one location.

• Weapons detector Indicator Light

• Door Locking Control Switches

• Multiple Persons Indicator

• Emergency Lock-Out