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Air-Talk 900™ Wireless Audio System
Audio Drive Thru for BanksAsk our experienced team to help you configure a system today!


Hamilton's Air-Talk 900™ is a full-duplex audio system for drive-thru and remote transaction applications. An Air-Talk 900 installation requires no wiring and is especially convenient where you want to avoid the inconvenience and hazards of invasive construction.

Air-Talk 900™ features include:

• Wireless audio, teller console to customer unit
• Noise cancellation circuitry for clear communications
• Integrated support for wireless headset systems that can make transactions faster and easier for customer service representatives
• Easy to install. One technician can install the module into an existing drive-up unit in approximately 30 minutes per lane
• Can serve up to 4 tellers and eight lanes...maximum distance 100 feet